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A Rancilio is not only an espresso machine, it is a true style icon, it’s a statement of sophistication and quality.

Rancilio is a company with a long history, whose production of its high-quality espresso machines dates back to the 1920s. After decades of growth and learning, we proudly continue to offer products that are first in their class in design and technology.

Rancilio – Classe 9 Tall

The Classe 9 Tall oozes vintage appeal. Its mechanical parts and levers drive the manual action, capturing the hearts of all those nostalgic for those heady days when coffee was made by hand. A harmonious ritual performed with passion by the baristas whose unique skills are now once again given free rein to find their natural expression in this beautiful machine. We have these in our showroom, so come and try one for yourself!

Download the Classe 9 pdf file brochure here


Rancilio – Classe 11 Tall

The Rancilio Classe 11 is specifically designed for baristas to make the most of their technical and cultural know-how. Making technology easy and accessible means exactly that, simplifying all routine operations to make room for creativity. This machine is not only looks great, but is robust. It’s designed for a busy environment with many features accessible through a high tech touch screen.

Download the Classe 11 pdf file brochure here


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