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The Inaugural Crema Awards

Italian Aroma Coffee was proud to sponsor the inaugural Crema Awards, the first independent coffee shop awards in the UK. These awards aim to recognise and celebrate the unique culture of independent coffee shops.   We were delighted to host the Barista...

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Afternoon Tea – Then and Now

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James   Afternoon Tea is a tradition that Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, introduced as a social occasion in the 1800’s. However, back...

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The Perfect Match

Much like a good cup of coffee, every relationship needs a good foundation. At Italian Aroma Coffee, we build strong relationships with all of our clients, based on an important set of values. Trust Any relationship (romantic or caffeinated) needs a certain level of...

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How to develop a successful coffee shop

Are you thinking of opening up your own coffee shop? Unsure of where to start? At Italian Aroma Coffee, we have put together a list of what you should be thinking about before you open the doors to your new customers!   A great coffee starts with a great coffee...

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Benefits of drinking coffee

It’s been a question that has been floating about for years – is caffeine good for you? At the end of last year, a report was published in the British medical journal by the University of Southampton stating that two or three cups of coffee a day may actually be good...

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Five benefits of drinking tea!

Tea is a refreshing beverage that can be consumed hot or cold. You will be happy to know that there are also many benefits of drinking tea. Have a look at our list below to find out some of the top benefits!   Tea provides antioxidants Antioxidants can help slow...

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Barista Competition – The Italian Awards

This year, Italian Aroma Coffee are sponsoring the ‘Best Barista’ category of the Scottish Italian Awards. At Italian Aroma, we are passionate about coffee and understand the importance of quality and the competition only emphasised the skill and experience needed to...

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Is the café culture changing in the UK?

Stereotypically it is thought that British people only drink tea but in fact we drink around 70 million cups of coffee each day. That is still a lot less than the 165 million cups of tea we drink daily. However, the tea consumption in the UK has dropped by about a...

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Celebrating 25 Years of Italian Aroma Coffee

  2017 marks the 25th Anniversary year of Italian Aroma Coffee and it’s safe to say that so much has changed within the industry since it launched in 1992! Today Marco, Managing Director, gives us the low down about his coffee journey so far and what he hopes the...

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