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We are coffee roasters in Glasgow. Our range of coffees are shown below and all our products are drum roasted by hand in our roastery in Clydebank.

Continental – Smooth  ★★★★

A blend of quality Arabica & Robusta coffees, roasted to a full chestnut colour. We built our business and reputation on this one! It was the very first coffee that we blended and roasted, perfecting the balanced flavour, rich body, strong aroma and malty aftertones. It achieves a dark brown rich crema when served as an espresso. Perfect for everyday.


Cappuccino – Strong  ★★★★★

A blend of quality Arabica coffee, roasted to a dark chocolate colour. Never shy of a challenge, this blend is hand picked from two quality Arabica beans, and slowly roasted to achieve a coffee which is dark, rich, highly fragrant, with a strong intense flavour which is perfect to be tasted through a 16oz latte. This roast is also known in the trade as a “full city roast” or a “French roast”.


Supremo – Rich  ★★★★

A blend of quality Arabica coffee, roasted to a full chestnut colour, Supremo is a little bit special! Once described by a clients as “luxury in a cup”, our Supremo roast is sheer indulgence. This coffee gives you a delicate and rich intensive flavour, sweet at the front of the palate, with a slight dry, dark chocolate after taste. This is truly one of the best coffees on the market today!


Vivo – Mild  ★★★

We roast this with a blend of single origin arabica coffees. It has a distinctive lemony and butterscotch finish. It has a medium acidity, is full of flavour and ideal for those that like their coffee mild but full of flavour! A true modern classic.


Verona – Smooth  ★★★

Intense with a chocolatey flavour, this is a smooth wonderful coffee, but with a strong character. We like to roast this in a typical old school Italian way, with ‘bags of character’ style and panache!


Ottimo – Smooth  ★★★

A single estate Arabica coffee blended and roasted to a delicate medium roast which achieves a well balanced modern coffee. Ideal for gourmet coffee shops and fine dining establishments.

We are coffee roasters in Scotland, established in 1992.

Grind instructions

Our coffee is suitable to grind for all machines, makes and types. Always grind just the right amount for what you need.

Storage instructions

Once you have opened your bag of luxurious Italian Aroma Coffee, keep our beans air tight and cool. To preserve your beans’ freshly roasted flavour for as long as possible, store them in an air tight container at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, or simply just keep them in our packaging and show off our beautifully designed bags! Our valve-sealed packaging preserves freshness for even longer! Coffee beans are decorative and beautiful, but avoid clear canisters which will allow direct light to compromise the taste of your coffee. Please do not refrigerate or freeze your coffee, because contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate.

To ensure you deliver the best Italian Aroma Coffee to your customers, get the best possible protection against the four enemies of fresh coffee — air, moisture, heat, and light.

As we are coffee suppliers in Scotland, the above coffee is for our trade and bulk enquiries. If you would like to buy our coffee in smaller quantities please visit our Amazon shopping page:


We are coffee suppliers and roasters based in Glasgow, Scotland.


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