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How to clean your Espresso machine

Morning Cleaning Procedure

  • Place the rubber disc in the group handle (nipple upwards)
  • Place the handle in the group head
  • Press the on/off button to allow water to pass through for about 20 – 25 seconds.
  • After this time empty out any loose coffee ground that have accumulated on the top of the disc.
  • Repeat this process as many times required on each brewing head, until the brewing head is clean! This should be done at least twice per day.
  • Shower plates to be taken out using the Alan key. Rinse and build back up onto the brewing head. This should be done every day at the end of business hours; ready for the next days trading.

Daily cleaning procedure

  • This is the same process as before but when you put the black disc into the handle put a teaspoon of detergent on the top of the disc and repeat the cycle as before but, pass water through for 30 seconds to 1 minute instead of 25.
  • Again repeat the process until the water runs clear. Rinse the handles after this procedure.
  • Removal of the shower plates (as shown during training) needs to be done on a daily basis. This involves removing the plates using the Allen key and washing thoroughly.

Regular back flushing with a detergent loosens these coffee tars and flushes them away.



About the grinder:

Q. How long can coffee beans be left in the hopper?
A. No more than one day — after that they will be stale and should be discarded.

Q. How long can ground coffee be left in the doser?
A. No more than one hour is recommended

Q. How often should the grinder blades be changed?
A. After grinding approximately 500 kilos of coffee or every 6-9 months

Q. If I change the type of coffee beans I use, does the grinder need adjusting?
A. Yes — the grinder needs resetting every time the bean is changed to ensure the correct grind for that particular bean.

Q. Does the grinder need adjusting during the day?
A. Several factors can affect the grind of the coffee during the day therefore, the extraction time should be checked several times per day and if it is too long or too short, the grinder weekly cleaning procedure

About the espresso machine:

Q. Can the single and double group handles be used in either group head?
A. Yes — you can use any group handle in any group head.

Q. Can I use the double group handle with only one shot of coffee in it?
A. No definitely not. Only ever use the double group handle with two coffee shots.

Q. Can I leave the Espresso machine switched on overnight?
A. Yes you can if you wish. If you leave it switched on it uses some power. Over night however, the machine does not have to warm up from cold the following morning which can take about 30 minutes.

Q. I sometimes have difficulty foaming the milk — is all milk the same?
A. No definitely not — there is much inconsistency in milk. You need to use full fat milk however even then, there can be a great difference between brands and also, the same brand can exhibit different characteristics at different times. It is advisable to find a brand that you are happy with and stick to that.




No power to grinder

  • Check that the plug socket is working by trying a different device in it.

Beans not dropping down from hopper when grinding

  • Check there are loose beans in the hopper
  • Check that the black plastic slide at the base of the hopper is pulled out to allow beans to fall.

Incorrect coffee portion being dispensed in to the group handle

  • Ensure that the ground coffee is covering each of the portion segments.
  • Ensure that the handle is being pulled quickly and firmly all the way forward and then released.
  • Make sure that you only use the single group handle basket in the single group handle and the double basket in the double handle. They will each fit in the wrong group handle if tried but, this will lead to incorrect coffee dosing. Ensure that you are dosing one shot into the single group handle or two shots into the double group handle.

Espresso Machine

No power to espresso machine

  • Check that the machine is switched on.
  • Check that the plug socket is working by trying a different device in it.

No water or steam coming from machine

  • Has the machine had time to warm up after being switched on (approx 30 minutes)?
  • Ensure that the isolation tap on the water feed pipe to the machine is in the ‘open’ position.
  • If hot water or steam has been run off continuously to the extent that the boiler is empty, it may take a few minutes to ‘recharge’ ready for use again — particularly    applicable to machines with smaller boilers.

Drips appearing under the machine

  • Remove the drip tray and check if the black plastic waste box is full of water and overflowing. If it is, the waste pipe is either folded or trapped restricting the flow or, blocked with debris and you need to clear it. The water will then flow away. Visually check other pipes and joints for signs of leakage. If found report to your engineer.

Dripping group head

  • Group head seals need replacing. You can either order the parts and fit them
    yourself or, ask for an engineer to call and fit them for you (chargeable).

Dripping hot water spout

  • Most likely cause is a leaking water valve that needs replacing.

Low pressure steam on steam wand

  • Thoroughly clean steam wand especially all four exit holes on the end ensuring that no debris or dried milk is blocking the nozzle.

Extraction time is less than 20 seconds

  • Check coffee grind, it is probably too coarse and needs to be ground finer.

Extraction time exceeds 30 seconds

  • Check coffee grind, it is probably too fine and needs to be coarser.


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