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Our passion for coffee is matched only by our commitment to provide you with the highest quality coffee beans. Italian Aroma Coffee is drum roasted using our traditional Italian method. We use the world’s finest Arabica and Robusta beans which we roast daily to ensure that your coffee arrives fresh.

Italian Aroma Coffee

Established in 1992, we are an independent family business and pride ourselves in supporting our clients locally and nationally. Also, we offer a full range of ancillary products from own label, sugar, chocolate, crockery and our own unique tea brand. We are 'coffee with Italian passion!'


Our coffee is mainly for trade and is supplied in bulk. However, if you wish to buy our coffee beans in small quantities they are available in 4 roasts, which are specifically roasted for maximum flavour for home use. Each roast comes in beautiful 1kg bags. These are ‘Just the beans’ and are for home grinding. So, if you enjoyed an Italian Aroma Coffee in a café or restaurant, why not have our coffee in the comfort of your own home?



If you share our passion for coffee, you’ll expect the best espresso machines available. We have a number of products that are suitable for any size of business.


If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop or require our coffee products, please visit our roastery to see our coffee roasting process and our range of coffee machines on display.

Our Tea

We are as passionate about our tea as our coffee and have created Plantation Tea using the finest loose leaf teas & infusions, packed inside our branded biodegradable silk pyramid tea bags. Supplied in glass jars, (with refill packs) it's ideal for behind the counter displays.

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Celebrating 25 Years of Italian Aroma Coffee

  2017 marks the 25th Anniversary year of Italian Aroma Coffee and it’s safe to say that so much has changed within the industry since it launched in 1992! Today Marco, Managing Director, gives us the low down about his coffee journey so far and what he hopes the...

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